Disappointment at the Tokyo Motor Show has left not only fans of Japanese cars flustered, but some German auto fans aren’t too happy about it either. But why were fans of BMW left frustrated by a no show on the part of Toyota Motor Company?

What You May Not know About the Toyota Supra and BMW

When The Fast and The Furious hit theaters in 2001, it catapulted the Toyota Supra into stardom. The car was acknowledged for its fine engineering and versatility, then it was discontinued in 2002. Ever since, fans have been asking Toyota to revive the model, and three years ago the company answered those pleas with a thrilling Supra concept car along with production promises.

Fast forward to 2017, and spy shots of the rumored Supra production model had many fans expecting the car to break cover at the Tokyo Motor Show. When it was a no show, Supra fans were dumbstruck, but so were quite a few BMW fans. Here’s why…

If You Like the Z4…

In 2016, BMW discontinued the Z4 due to poor sales numbers. Considering those numbers, most industry analysts predicted that this would be the end of the Z model, but BMW soon squashed that rumor. They announced that there would be a new Z4 model, and Toyota would help develop the machine.

Forming a development alliance, BMW and Toyota split development costs to produce the base elements of a new sports car. Once these basics were developed, each automaker would then use this jointly developed platform as the basis for a new Toyota Supra model and a new BMW Z4 model.

Camouflaged test models of each car have been recently spotted in Tokyo and around the Nürburgring, which fed rumors that one or both could break cover soon. The Tokyo Motor Show seemed like a good venue for such an unveiling, even if it was rumored that only the Supra would break cover, but it did not.

Some BMW fans may have been hoping that a glimpse of the Supra would provide a preview of what the new Z4 would be like, but descriptions of these two cars are varying wildly. The Supra is rumored to not share the same engine as the Z4—it will instead have 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder and hybrid options. The new Z4 sounds like it will have another version of BMW’s famed i-6 engine, with no talk of a 4-cylinder or hybrid option. So, don’t expect the new Supra to need a BMW technician like the Z4 will, but analyst are now predicting that both cars will break cover in 2018, possibly at the same time since their production schedules are similar.

BMW and Mercedes Benz Repair Sacramento PicHave you ever considered getting a dash cam? They are becoming more and more popular all across the country, and for good reason. There are many advantages to having a good dash cam in your car, and if you are reading this blog, you’ve got one really big reason to consider one. You drive a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz.

7 Reason Why It’s a Good Idea for You to Get a Dash Cam

  1. Driving Accidents– If someone hits your car but doesn’t take responsibility for the collision, you could find yourself in a legal battle that comes down to their word against yours. A good way to avoid this is by having proof that an accident happened the way you are describing it. A video can be just the hard evidence you need to keep others from taking advantage of you in court.
  2. Parking Accidents– Ever parked in a public garage only to return to your car and find the side scratched or otherwise damaged? Well, a dash cam can be the solution to that problem. These devices can be set up to run off of internal battery power once you are parked and your car is off. This allows these cameras to capture video of people who may bump into, scrape or otherwise damage your vehicle.
  3. Your Car– Here at Silver Star Motors, we work on Mercedes-Benz and BMW. So, if you’re reading one of our blogs, you must either own, fix on, or want to own one of these high-class machines. But wouldn’t you want to protect it too? A well setup dash cam can protect your car, and your investment in that car.
  4. Insurance Claims– Having a vehicle like a BMW or a Mercedes insured is a must to protect yourself should an accident happen, but there’s something many drivers don’t realize. Insurance companies are still businesses trying to make a dollar, and they will often go the distance to make sure they don’t have to pay your full claim. However, not even the insurance company can deny cold hard evidence, and dash cam video can provide that to you.
  5. Showing Off– You bought a high-performance vehicle when you purchased that M3 coupe. Why keep that vehicle caged up on a daily commute? There are trackdays, autocross events and car shows you can take your German-engineered beauty to, and a dash cam can help you show off. Record your track driving or autocross daring-do with a dash cam, and prove you’re not just any Bavarian auto owner.
  6. Teenage Drivers– Worried your driving age kids aren’t going where they say they are? Worried they aren’t driving safely? Worried that your teenager is going to sneak your nice car out on a joyride? Get a dash cam. These devices can record where and how your teenager drives, and when they sneak out for a secret spin, you’ll know by checking the video file.
  7. Remembering the Drive– Sometimes we forget that half the fun of owning a car like a Z4 or an SL isn’t about getting from one place to another. It’s about the experience we have between point A and point B. As you create those fun times, wouldn’t it be nice to look back on them? Dash cams can also do that for you.

Brought to you by the certified mechanics at Silver Star Motors—keeping the German autos of Sacramento running since 1979.

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Mercedes transmission service in SacramentoIf you’re like most other Mercedes owners, you feel a lot of pride for your vehicle. That’s the reason you probably take excellent care of it. If you want your Mercedes to be strong and reliable for as long as possible, routine service is critical. It’s not only wise to invest in regular service, though. You need to invest in service from mechanics who have significant experience in the Mercedes realm. Silver Star Motors in Sacramento, California is a one-stop destination for Mercedes owners in the area. Our technicians are Mercedes experts who can help you deal with all kinds of problems. When you need first-class Mercedes transmission service, we can eagerly tend to you.

Is Your Mercedes in Need of Transmission Service?

Mercedes owners always should be vigilant. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your Mercedes, you need to take it in for professional service as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have concerns that involve the transmission or anything else. Swift professional assistance is crucial. It’s vital to be aware of signs of possible Mercedes transmission issues. These are examples of possible signs:

  • Fluid leakage.
  • Strange noises.
  • Unusual odors.
  • A slipping transmission.
  • Strangely slow engagement.
  • A check engine light that won’t go off.

Transmission fluid leakage often is an indication of trouble. Smells that are reminiscent of burning fluid frequently indicate transmission issues as well. If you have any reason to think that something may be amiss with your Mercedes transmission, don’t dillydally for a second. Silver Star Motors can take care of all of your Mercedes transmission problems. Our mechanics have considerable experience with Mercedes transmission concerns of all kinds. They have substantial experience with Mercedes concerns in general.

Visit Our Repair Shop for A+ Mercedes Transmission Service

Don’t let odd car smells in Sacramento get you down. Don’t let transmission fluid leakage in Sacramento get you down, either. Simply visit Silver Star Motors to receive our five-star Mercedes service. Call us today to learn more about our Mercedes transmission service expertise.

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If you’re the proud and enthusiastic owner of a Mercedes, you should do whatever you can to keep your vehicle in A+ condition at all times. It doesn’t matter if you own a lovely Mercedes van. It doesn’t matter if you own a wonderful compact vehicle from the brand, either. Routine professional service can keep your Mercedes reliable. It can keep it safe on the road, too. That’s priceless. When you need quality Mercedes van service in beautiful Sacramento, California, our automotive repair business can accommodate any and all of your requests. Our technicians are some of the most knowledgeable and hard-working professionals around. We have mechanics who have substantial knowledge that pertains to Mercedes vans of all kinds. Entire blog →

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Keeping up with the scheduled maintenance of your Mercedes can be tough. After all, you’re probably busy and might not have the time to stop in regularly at your mechanic’s shop. Plus, the cost of maintaining any vehicle can be costly, which can cause you to want to put it off.

However, even though it’s certainly understandable that you might want to put off maintenance for your vehicle, it’s important not to. These are some of the main reasons why.

Proper Maintenance Can Extend Your Car’s Lifespan

You probably want your Mercedes to last for as long as possible. If you keep up with your routine maintenance as you are supposed to, this can help you greatly extend your vehicle’s lifespan so that you can enjoy your vehicle for that much longer.

You Can Reduce Repair Costs By Keeping Up with Maintenance

Even though you might not be excited about paying for car maintenance, you should know that it can be a lot cheaper than making expensive repairs. In fact, keeping up with routine maintenance can be key for reducing and eliminating repair costs.

Service Records Matter When Selling Your Car

When you get ready to sell your vehicle, you probably want to get as much for it as you can. If you don’t take good care of it, you have to worry about not getting as much for it. Maintaining your vehicle regularly and keeping up with your service records can help you fetch a higher price later on, however.

You Don’t Want to Lose Your Warranty

If something goes wrong with your Mercedes, you probably want to make sure that your vehicle’s warranty will cover it. If you don’t keep up with your maintenance, your warranty claim might be denied. Therefore, you should know that if you want to maintain your vehicle’s warranty, keeping up with scheduled maintenance is imperative.

As you can see, keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance is critical. If you need help with maintaining your Mercedes, contact us at Silver Star Motors today.

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So, it’s time to have your Mercedes serviced and you’re debating where to take it. The first place that comes to mind is the Mercedes dealership where you bought it from; after all, they are the specialists, right? Let’s think again.

A recent study by AutoMD.com revealed that on average, dealerships will charge a customer $300 more than an independent mechanic for equal service per year. The simple reason being that their employees are paid more per hour than most independent mechanics; the longer the job, the more it will cost you. This affects every service from transmission work to oil changes. According to Consumer Reports, Mercedes-Benz owners had the most complaints in regards to dealerships overpricing parts. Entire blog →

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Your car is one of the most important things to keep in good condition, and it’s much easier to do than you might think. Regular oil changes are of the utmost importance in getting as much life from a car’s engine as possible, and here at Silver Star Motors we want it to be as hassle free and easy as possible.

Older Mercedes used to come with the recommendation that every 3,000 miles the oil should be changed, but as science improved motor function and oil became fully synthetic, those rules changed. It is now recommended that Mercedes cars have their oil changed every 10,000 miles, but there are some exceptions.  If you’re driving an older car (say 2010 or older), or own a high performance car, you should stick to changing the oil every 5,000 miles or so. Entire blog →

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Many people are under the impression that BMWs lack reliability, however, this simply isn’t true. In fact, there are scores of people who will not buy anything else after they have owned a BMW. The main issue in most BMWs that lack reliability is that the owner does not properly maintain it. Just like other makes of vehicles, there are common BMW problems that many owners face.

As with all automobiles, some models provide a higher level of reliability than others. When on the hunt for a car, you’ll want to make sure you research reviews and comparisons of the BMW models you are interested in. You can find plenty of information online through consumer reviews, manufacturers, dealerships, and other reliable sources.

Before purchasing a BMW, you should see how much maintenance may be involved and what the common BMW problems are with that particular model that owners often have to deal with. Below are the top 5 common BMW problems and repairs faced by owners of BMWs.

  1. Electrical Problems: Some BMW owners report malfunctions in the electrical system su as windshield wiper regulators.
  2. Window Functionality Problems: One of the most common BMW problems occurs most often with the E46 model. The window regulator clips might break and cause slow-moving or stuck windows. If this occurs the window regulator clips will need to be replaced.
  3. Power Door Locks: Doors not unlocking remotely is another one of the common BMW problems reported by owners.
  4. Engine Management Components: Fuel injectors, ignition modules, and the clutch need to be replaced after an extended period of time in many models.
  5. Wheel Alloy Issues: When 19-inch alloy rims run flat, the alloy is prone to cracking which can slowly cause a tire puncture over time.

Choosing A BMW Repair Shop That Specializes in common BMW Problems

It is important to remember that your BMW is a huge investment. The more time and care that you devote to it, the longer it will remain on the road. It will also help preserve its resale value Neglecting and abusing your car are sure ways to cause damage and lose money on your investment.

If you encounter one of the common BMW problems listed or need some other issue fixed, it is critical that you turn to a reliable, high-quality BMW repair shop. At Silver Star Motors, we take care of your BMW as if it is our own. No matter what BMW problems you are having or what repairs need to be done, we are able to address them and get your car back on the road. Call Silver Star Motors today for assistance with common BMW problems, repairs, and how we can help.

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Mercedes has a reputation for manufacturing some of the most reliable automobiles on the road today. While major mechanical issues aren’t common, there are 5 repair issues that are more common when you have a Mercedes. Here is an overview of the top 5 Mercedes auto repair issues you may encounter depending on the make, model and year of your Mercedes. Entire blog →

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Summer is over and the weather is getting cooler. In just a few weeks it will start raining. Is your Mercedes ready? There are some things that you should do to protect your investment and make sure it stays on the road for a long time. Below are a few things that you should consider having replaced or checked on your Mercedes. Entire blog →

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